Design brands

An overview from A to Z which design brands Adexpo rents out


Arper is a family business that has been producing designer furniture since 1989. When designing they look at function, aesthetics and detail, playing with color and light.Their designs are timeless and therefore the furniture can be used in many styles.


For more than 60 years, Arrmet has been passionately making furniture with its own unique personality. This is because various designers with different backgrounds make designs. A.o. Note Design Studio, Welling Ludvik and Ludovica + Roberto have developed furniture for Arrmet in recent years. Quality and functionality are paramount.

De Vorm

This Dutch company focuses on utilizing the full life cycle of products and creating the possibility to ultimately recycle completely. With innovative production techniques, not only sustainable but also aesthetic furniture is made. A chair made from PET bottles .. Who would have thought ?!


Enea’s designs are contemporary, creative, robust and have a strong personality. Since 1984, the Spanish brand has focused on the sustainable production of high-quality products.

Fritz Hansen

This Danish exclusive and international brand offers a timeless collection of classic and contemporary furniture. Fritz Hansen is known for iconic designs such as the Swan ™. The furniture is modern and fits in with luxurious designs.


Specialized in molding plastics and metalworking, Gaber offers modern and practical designs. Some of these have been rewarded with awards, including the Red Dot Design Award. This Italian brand is known for progressive but timeless designs.


This brand from Denmark has “only” been around since 2002, but has already put various timeless designs on the market. Inspired by fashion, art and architecture, HAY released their first collection at IMM Cologne in 2003. Their designs are accessible, modern and fit various styles.


Since 1949 Kartell has been making distinctive designs in collaboration with various designers such as Philippe Starck and Piero Lissoni. The company is known for being innovative in terms of production methods and use of materials.


Sustainable designs with high comfort and quality, that is what Kragelund stands for. A team of internal and external designers develop collections that match the Scandinavian origin but are also trend sensitive.


Lapalma’s innovative products are based on traditional craftsmanship in wood and metalworking. The furniture, designed by Hee Welling, among others, is recognizable and modern. This Italian brand is environmentally conscious and focuses on efficient production and recycling to underline this.


MIDJ distinguishes itself through a synergy between technology, craftsmanship and creativity. Designs for the future where the traditional craftsmanship is clearly visible. Round shapes and soft lines provide comfort. Since 1987, MIDJ has continuously been looking for versatility.


Moree specializes in light furniture and accessories for stylish interiors. Their products are aimed at lovers of a sensual and urban atmosphere. Designers of Moree are inspired by their love for clear shapes, innovative materials and their passion for playing with light to create expressive and timeless interiors and exteriors.


Noti has already won the Red Dot Design Award 3 times and this is for good reason. Their furniture is versatile, functional and often has a modular design. The designs, created by Polish designers such as Porečński and Piotr Kuchciński, are modern and elegant.


This Italian brand has been making contemporary industrial design furniture since 1963. Pedrali purchases certified raw materials to guarantee quality. In collaboration with several designers, they pursue their product philosophy “100% made in Italy”. With their designs they have won awards in the field of design in recent years.


Iconic designs made by leading designers such as Konstatin Grcic, that is what this Italian brand stands for. Plank has been constantly innovating since 1953. Their designs have won awards over the years. In addition, their furniture is part of collections in museums, including the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York and the Art Institute of Chicago.


Founded in 1991, Profim creates ergonomic designs aimed at the comfort of the user. The design, focused on durability and quality, attracts attention.


Segis furniture is practical, invites you to sit and is concrete. Each design is made from the point of view that it must be comfortable and functional, while the eye naturally also wants something. With success, because this Italian company has already been rewarded with awards for their designs.


This Danish brand started in 1979 creates colorful and modern designs which are still made in its own factory in Denmark. Softline’s contemporary design furniture is designed to be multifunctional and in line with current trends.


The Swedish Tenzo is originally specialized in wooden furniture. In recent years, the company has developed into an international brand with trendy design furniture. A team of several designers works together to bring unique modern designs to the market with a Scandinavian look and feel.


Vitra has been working for decades with international designers such as Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, but also Charles & Ray Eames. The company, founded in 1953, has focused on sustainability in its designs since it was founded. With this a timeless collection has been developed with classics and modern pieces that know how to inspire.


“The design of tomorrow for the interior of today” has been Zuiver’s philosophy since its foundation in 2011. The latest interior trends are incorporated into a fresh and trendy collection. Due to the clear philosophy, the various pieces of furniture can be easily combined. This Dutch brand works together with young design talent including APE.