Looking for furniture to decorate your stand? Then you've come to the right place!   Adexpo is an international rental company with over 33 years of experience in furniture rental throughout Western Europe. We rent furniture for large and medium-sized exhibitions, but also for smaller private events. However, Adexpo doesn't just rent out furniture. We rent out various other items that can further dress up your stand or event or provide a practical interpretation. You can think of disinfection columns, whiteboards, coat racks and waste bins. Are you looking for a lectern for your seminar or presentation? Look no further! At Adexpo we have them in white and in dark grey with a beautiful beech top. Wheels have been placed under this lectern so that it is easy to move around. Have you seen our range of lamps? You can hire these to add extra atmosphere to your stand or simply for some extra lighting. Do you want to cordon off an area where people are not allowed to pass, mark off an area where you want to present something or indicate a walking route? This is very easy with our demarcation posts. We have them available in various colours and materials. Safety and hygiene are also important to us at Adexpo. So you can also rent foam or powder fire extinguishers and we have two types of disinfection columns. Looking for rental furniture and practical extras to complete your stand or event? Adexpo has it for you! So take a look on our website for all the possibilities.