Adexpo | Add Design Furniture

Design furniture for high-end exhibition presentations. Eye catcher at stands and events. If you’re looking for something special, you will find Adexpo.

Adexpo rents out design furniture and floor solutions for international exhibitions and events. We have a collection with great distinctive power: trendsetting design, high quality.


From our offices in Roosendaal and Neuss, we supply more than 700 events and exhibitions per year in Western Europe.


In the summer of 1988, father and son Van Bezooijen founded their company, Adexpo. It was the golden age of Dutch designers: Dutch Design blossomed and became a household name.

In the wake of this, Adexpo brings innovation to trade fairs.


Today, we still act according to the values that brought us so far. Our collection stands out for its design and quality. With a team of more than 100 professionals, we offer service at a similar level. We think with you, work diligently, and are available 24/7.


In terms of sustainability, we also like to be a frontrunner. This mentality comes to expression in a modern fleet and an energy-efficient warehouse. We also structurally choose eco-friendly resources and materials. And we keep a close eye on company processes, looking for opportunities to improve sustainability.