Lounge furniture

You want to furnish a lounge corner at a trade fair or event of your choice? Get in touch with Adexpo!   Adexpo rents furniture for events throughout Western Europe, from large, multi-day exhibitions to small, private events. With over 33 years of experience, Adexpo has compiled a wide range of lounge products for the furnishing of any desired space. Adexpo is always at the forefront of following the latest trends and developments in furniture. At Adexpo, you will find the latest lounge furniture of very high quality for decorating luxury events. In addition, you can also think of creating a lounge area where you or your customer can relax after a busy day at a conference, or of furnishing a stand with comfortable armchairs, lounge sofas and poufs. We offer a wide variety of lounge furniture, from wonderfully comfortable lounge sofas and armchairs where you can talk on the phone without being disturbed, to poufs that you can easily put next to anything. With over 300 lounge items in our range, we offer many different design options, materials and colours.   Our range is constantly updated and offers a wide choice of lounge furniture from various well-known design brands. Think of brands like Zuiver, Softline and Profim. Some of these brands offer armchairs, sofas and poufs, which makes it possible to combine them nicely. Take a look at the ACE series for example, of which we have everything from armchairs and sofas to poufs in various colours. A mix of various brands or styles can also look beautiful. The XEPO or CHAT footstools, for example, can give a room more colour when combined with the HELLO or AIKO armchairs, but the COLORADO sofas and armchairs are also a good combination.   Adexpo therefore has different styles of lounge furniture in various colours that can also be combined with one another, so that you can create any order to suit your own taste. In doing so, we naturally guarantee very high quality and service. So take a look at our lounge furniture.