Looking for storage furniture? Adexpo is there for you!   A contemporary range of designer furniture - that's what Adexpo stands for. From our headquarters in Roosendaal (NL) and our branch office in Neuss (DE) we have been providing Western Europe with rental furniture for over 33 years at various trade fairs and events, large and small. Adexpo brings it to the requested location and, if necessary, we also put it away in the right place. In addition to this service, we are available 24/7 and have a large, enthusiastic team of professionals to provide you with the best design furniture. When it comes to storage, Adexpo has many different options. From cabinets to lockers and from drawer units to storage racks. Have you seen our beautiful and also very practical KUBIST collection, for example? This collection offers you many options in terms of dimensions. Are you looking for small storage space? Then you can choose the KUBIST of 100x50. Do you need more storage space? Then choose the KUBIST of 250x150. Do you want to have the possibility to close the cabinet? Take a look at the DIJON collection. We have an open version of this, but we also offer a wide range of lockable cabinets where all your things are safely stored. Or maybe you're looking for something on wheels? Then a chest of drawers might be the solution. Take a look at our range of drawer cabinets to find what you're looking for. At events and conferences you will often find lockers, so that everyone can safely store their valuable belongings such as a bag or laptop. Adexpo can also provide this. We offer them in metal and plastic as well as large and small. Don't forget to rent a master key so that the locker can still be opened if a key is lost!   Couldn't find what you are looking for or would you like to inquire about other possibilities? Just get in touch with us! Adexpo is happy to help.